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Spring Cleanup - 2020

Spring cleanup is underway at Calvary. Like last year there's a 'To-Do' list of tasks to be completed, both inside and outside on the grounds.
(List will be posted at the Church as well)

Folks can pick and choose those tasks they wish to perform and do them at any time the wish, hey if you want to get out of the house for
awhile - here you go!

As far as a group gathering to perform cemetery maintenance, that's currently on hold due to social distancing requirements and the generally older average ages of those who participate. 

Here is the usual list of tasks that anyone can do anytime they want to, but it would be nice to have all tasks completed by June 1st.

Wash windows
Pew cleaning, (English oil, vacuuming, wax dripping removal)
Dusting (upstairs only)
Rake rocks out of grass (by playground)
Remove cobwebs from east side of Church
Blow leaves out of bushes around fellowship hall
Highway cleanup, usually performed by the Youth Group
Clean Furnace room
Sweep Youth Activity Center, dust, wash windows
Clean out recess basement window bays