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COVID-19 Related News

July 15th, 2020

Dear Christian Friends,


     I hope and pray that this congregational update finds you & yours well! I am overwhelmed this morning by a great thankfulness for each of you, similar to the thankfulness Paul references

 in 1 Thessalonians 1: 2-8. During this time of pandemic restrictions, the Parish of Calvary-Spring Lake Lutheran  has continued its stewardship and mission in many varied ways - sewing quilt

tops & rolling bandages at home, giving an offering weekly or monthly, "checking in" with each other and worshipping either via Zoom or now through our "parking lot" worship.

     The leadership of the Parish carries each of you in their hearts and freely acknowledges that none of the restrictions nor the uncertainty has been easy. The leadership also desires you to know

that they realize individuals and families may disagree with the course of action chosen - a very slow re-opening. However the decisions made on church use, the type of worship, place, and time

have all been made thoughtfully and prayerfully for the health and wellbeing of all. We thank you for your patience!

     The following will help us chart our course forward into late summer and fall Everything is subject to change as we consider updated guidelines and the current state of the pandemic:

July Worship

We will be worshipping via Zoom and from our parking lots simultaneously on the following Sundays:

July 19th: Zoom and "Parking Lot" worship at Spring Lake Lutheran - 10am

July 26th: Zoom and Parking lot worship at Calvary Lutheran - 10am


August Worship:

We hope to offer Zoom/Parking Lot worship in two services, one at each church, at our regular times of 8:30 am for Spring Lake and 10:15 for Calvary each week. 

Please watch for more information via the newsletters, emails, and snail mail.


September Worship:

September 6th is our target date for moving back inside our sanctuaries. We will be following social distancing guidelines as well as offering Zoom worship simultaneously

for those unable to attend. Please watch for more information via newsletters, emails, and snail mail.


Please contact me with any questions or concerns & prayer requests!



Pastor Vicki

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