Building Use Policies

Calvary offers the use of its facilities to members and nonmembers. The lovely fellowship hall can easily seat 100 people with kitchen facilities available.

Rates vary by membership and function so please read the following Use Policies for clarification of charges and current fees.

Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church Building Use Policy


The following policies, procedures and rates were set and approved by the church council. It is not the intent of the church to realize a profit from the rates charged for building usage. Rates established for the use of the fellowship hall and sanctuary are necessary to help defray the costs of utilities, janitorial expenses, consumable products, and wear and tear to the building and furnishings. The church council feels the rates are in line with what other facilities and churches charge.


Part One – Definitions

Part Two - Building Use Policy

Part Three – Usage Charges

Part Four - Facility Usage Request Form

Part Five – User feedback

Part One – Definitions

  1. Group Coordinator – Person who acts as the point of contact for, and is responsible and in charge of, any group using church facilities.

  2. Operations Staff – Individuals employed by the church i.e. Pastor, Secretary, Janitor, or Caretaker.

  3. Set up plan – Plan established which clearly outlines all of the requirements of the event, i.e. moving furniture, decorating and any other requirements affecting the facility. It is preferred that the plan be submitted several days in advance.

  4. Usage Charge – Fees to cover janitorial, utility, and consumable expenses.

  5. Event Monitor – Person provided by the church to be present at all non church sponsored events and responsible for the operations of the church facilities, including kitchen. Monitor fees are separate from the usage charge.

Part Two - Building Use Policy


  1. Approval of a Facility Usage Request only authorizes the use of the rooms and equipment included in the request.

    1. Group Coordinators must advise event participants that their access to the facility is limited to the rooms that they have contracted to rent and to the appropriate kitchens and restrooms.

    2. Group Coordinators must advise event participants that absolutely no food or beverages are allowed in the sanctuary.

    3. Group Coordinators must advise wedding participants that if clothing changes are required both men and women need to change clothing downstairs.

  1. Group Coordinators must arrange room set up and take down via a set up plan with Operations staff. It is appreciated if this can be done prior to the day of the event.

  2. Existing tables, chairs, furniture and furnishing may be moved by operations staff only.

  3. Event decorations must be approved by the operations staff prior to set up.

  4. Church sound system set up by operations staff only.

  5. No confetti (metal, paper or plastic) is allowed inside or outside the building.

  6. An event monitor or member of the Operations staff will be responsible for the care of the facility and will supervise the operation of the facility, including heating and air conditioning systems. Operations staff will not supervise groups or activities.

  7. All usage or rental charges must be paid at least (1) day before the scheduled function or event.

  8. All rentals are subject to cancellation if conduct or infractions of rules warrant it.

  9. Any group using church facilities agrees to restore to original condition any property destroyed or damaged as a result of the group’s facility usage. Any property destroyed, damaged or missing as a result of a group’s facility usage will be replaced or repaired by the church and the cost charged to the user group. The church council will be the final judge in determining the value and extent of any repairs or replacements.

  10. Existing seasonal decorations in the church may not be removed or altered.

  11. Alcoholic beverages and drug use are strictly prohibited on church property.

  12. Smoking is not allowed in the facility. If smoking outside, the disposal of cigarette butts must be in the outdoor ashtray provided.

  13. NO colored Kool-Aid, colored pop or red punch allowed. Lemonade, clear pop and water only!

  14. No access to the church offices and office equipment will be granted to outside groups. Use of a telephone is available in the kitchen.

  15. Events that are held on Saturday must conclude by 7:00 p.m. to allow for Sunday set-up. Exceptions to this must be approved by the church council at a regularly scheduled meeting prior to the event.

  16. Policy matters not covered in this document may be referred to the Pastor or the church council.


1. Regularly scheduled functions of the church receive first priority in the use of any church resources.

2. Church member’s events may be scheduled for open calendar dates indefinitely into the future.

3. Funerals will receive the maximum flexibility in scheduling. A funeral may supersede any event except weddings and regularly scheduled worship services.

4. Outside organizations and non-members may, by submitting a Facility Usage Request, reserve open calendar dates up to 6 months into the future.

5. Sanctuary Organ may be played only by a church organist, except by special arrangement.

6. No food or beverages are allowed in the Sanctuary at any time.

7. Operations staff must be notified when church supplies are depleted.


1. Suggested gifts to the organist and soloist are $75.00 each.

2. Suggested gift to the Pastor is $100 - $150.00.

3. Use of bulletins for funerals for both members and non-members will be $35 for 100 and $15 for each 100 bulletins thereafter.

4. WELCA funeral serving policy:

* WELCA work group will furnish:

Sandwiches, cake, pickles, chips and beverages.

Donation suggested to WELCA for the cost of the meal by the family. Suggested $2.00 per plate for members and firm price $4.00 per plate for non-members.

If family wants more it will need to be catered. An unpaid monitor will be provided by WELCA.

    • If number of guests for noon dinner is over 125, two work groups may be asked to serve. Please meet with vice-president of WELCA to make arrangements.


1. The marriage service is a religious service and should be planned for and treated with the same reverence and dignity as that of any other service.

2. All music used in connection with the wedding should be planned with the Pastor and organist.

3. Regarding the marriage service in the Sanctuary:

a. No decorations except silk or fresh flowers will be placed on the altar.

b. The organist shall be the organist of the church; other organists approved by the Pastor.

c. The Pastor, or someone appointed by him, is to be in charge of all rehearsals.

d. No pictures are to be taken during the ceremony except those permitted by the Pastor. Please inform your families and friends of this rule. Videotapes of the wedding are permitted in consultation with the Pastor.

e. Acceptance of permission to use the church for weddings implies a promise that no member of the wedding party or group of guests will imbibe in alcoholic beverages prior to or during the ceremony or reception at church.

f. The church is available to members for weddings, but permission must be given to non-members by the Pastor.

g. Rice or confetti throwing is not allowed within the church or on church grounds.

h. Use of the church Sanctuary is for worship only, not eating or drinking.

i. Wedding parties may have food and beverages in the basement area only.

4. For use of the church and fellowship Hall - See policy above.

5. Suggested gift to the organist is $75.00.

6. Suggested gift to the soloist is $75.00

7. There will be a charge of $20 / 100 bulletins typed and copied.

8. Suggested gift for the Pastor is $100 - $150.00

9. Candles: Only dripless candles are permitted to be used in the candelabra (14). The family is to purchase their own candles.

10. If a Unity Candle is used, the cost of the side candles will be the actual cost, including shipping and handling.

11. Use of the church for a simple wedding ceremony (bride, groom, and 2 witnesses), there will be a charge of $25.00.

12. The Wedding Party will Furnish:

a. All the food & beverages.

b. Wedding cakes and individual serving doilies if desired.

c. Nuts, mints and napkins, etc.

d. Arrange for 2 people to cut and serve wedding cake.

e. Arrange for 2 people to pour coffee.

f. Arrange for 1 or 2 people to pour punch.

g. Arrange for 2 people to carry gifts.

h. Arrange for 4 or more waitresses to serve coffee and bridal table if desired.

i. Furnish all decorations for bridal table, gift table and punch table.

j. Table arrangement.

k. No serving of wedding outside of the church.

l. NO colored Kool-Aid, colored pop or red punch allowed. Lemonade, clear pop, water only.

13. WELCA wedding serving policy:

a. Serving and fee to be coordinated directly with WELCA.

b. Serving generally includes:

i. Make punch

ii. Serve food that is already prepared.

iii. Furnish dishes, cups, tableware, coffee service and serving trays.

Part Three – Usage Charges

NOTE: For charges a member is defined as a spouse, father, mother, son or daughter of an active member.



Sanctuary area only $75.00

Sanctuary & Fellowship Hall $175.00


Sanctuary area only $175.00

Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall $375.00



Sanctuary area only $50.00

Sanctuary & Fellowship Hall $100.00


Sanctuary area only $125.00

Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall $200.00



Fellowship Hall $50.00


Fellowship Hall $150.00



Fellowship Hall $50.00


Fellowship Hall $200.00



Less than 50 people $25.00

More than 50 people $50.00

* Note: You must supply your own paper products, utensils, dinnerware, condiments and food stuffs.


  1. A set number of hours will be determined prior to an event.

  2. A monitor fee of $10.00 per hour shall be paid in advance in addition to the usage charges listed above.

  3. If an event runs over the pre-arranged time period the group coordinator shall pay the additional fees directly to the monitor at the end of the event.

  4. Monitors may elect to donate their time to an event.



As of 11-08-18

Part Four – Facility Usage Request Form

Please provide the following information and submit this form to the office.

Event Description: _______________________________________________

Requested date & time: ___________________________________________

Expected number of guests: ______________________________________

Areas requested: (check all that apply)

Sanctuary____ Fellowship Hall _____ Basement _____ other _____

Set up ad take down plan: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________



Group Coordinator:

Name: ____________________________________ Phone: ______________________________

Acknowledgement of Church Policy and Liability:

I have read and understand Calvary Lutheran's facility use policies and do hereby accept liability for damages to Calvary Lutheran's facilities occurring as a result of my groups use.

Signature: ______________________________________ Date: ______________________________

Part Five - User Feedback

After your event the church requests that you provide written comment and feedback regarding your facility use experience. This feedback will be presented to the church council.

Name & Date of Event: ________________________________________________________

If you would like to request the use of our facilities please fill out the attached form and either mail or email it to Calvary.