Wedding Policy

1. The marriage service is a religious service and should be planned for and treated with the same reverence and dignity as that of any other service.

2. All music used in connection with the wedding should be planned with the Pastor and organist.

3. Regarding the marriage service in the Sanctuary:

a. No decorations except silk or fresh flowers will be placed on the altar.

b. The organist shall be the organist of the church; other organists approved by the Pastor.

c. The Pastor, or someone appointed by him, is to be in charge of all rehearsals.

d. No pictures are to be taken during the ceremony except those permitted by the Pastor. Please inform your families and friends of this rule. Videotapes of the wedding are permitted in consultation with the Pastor.

e. Acceptance of permission to use the church for weddings implies a promise that no member of the wedding party or group of guests will imbibe in alcoholic beverages prior to or during the ceremony or reception at church.

f. The church is available to members for weddings, but permission must be given to non-members by the Pastor.

g. Rice or confetti throwing is not allowed within the church or on church grounds.

h. Use of the church Sanctuary is for worship only, not eating or drinking.

i. Wedding parties may have food and beverages in the basement area only.

4. For use of the church and fellowship Hall - See policy above.

5. Suggested gift to the organist is $75.00.

6. Suggested gift to the soloist is $75.00

7. There will be a charge of $20 / 100 bulletins typed and copied.

8. Suggested gift for the Pastor is $100 - $150.00

9. Candles: Only dripless candles are permitted to be used in the candelabra (14). The family is to purchase their own candles.

10. If a Unity Candle is used, the cost of the side candles will be the actual cost, including shipping and handling.

11. Use of the church for a simple wedding ceremony (bride, groom, and 2 witnesses), there will be a charge of $25.00.

12. The Wedding Party will Furnish:

a. All the food & beverages.

b. Wedding cakes and individual serving doilies if desired.

c. Nuts, mints and napkins, etc.

d. Arrange for 2 people to cut and serve wedding cake.

e. Arrange for 2 people to pour coffee.

f. Arrange for 1 or 2 people to pour punch.

g. Arrange for 2 people to carry gifts.

h. Arrange for 4 or more waitresses to serve coffee and bridal table if desired.

i. Furnish all decorations for bridal table, gift table and punch table.

j. Table arrangement.

k. No serving of wedding outside of the church.

l. NO colored Kool-Aid, colored pop or red punch allowed. Lemonade, clear pop, water only.

13. WELCA wedding serving policy:

a. Serving and fee to be coordinated directly with WELCA.

b. Serving generally includes:

i. Make punch

ii. Serve food that is already prepared.

iii. Furnish dishes, cups, tableware, coffee service and serving trays.

Please refer to the following page for all policies and fees:

Building Use Policies